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    2 Lusher Finalists for 2022 Louisiana Student of the Year

    Huge congratulations go out to Jayden Gardere (5th Grade) and Ben Blevins (8th Grade) for being selected as finalists for the 2022 Louisiana Students of the Year Program for their grade levels. 

    From the announcement: 

    You and six other finalists for your grade level will be recognized during an awards program Wednesday, April 13, 2022, at the Department of Education in Baton Rouge. A reception honoring our finalists will be held at the Louisiana State Museum that evening at 6 p.m.  The portfolio you submitted to your district has been sent to the Louisiana Department of Education for review by our selection panel. Prior to Tuesday, March 31, you will complete another writing sample on a new topic in the same manner in which you completed your regional essay. The final step of the competition is a virtual interview with a new selection panel on a date and time to be determined.

    More info on Jayden and Ben:

    –Jayden Gardere is a 5th grader in Ms. Lajaunie’s homeroom.  He enjoys karate, hanging out with his family, and video games.  He was chosen to be Lusher’s 5th grade Student of the Year due to his exemplary academic record, his leadership skills, and his true embodiment of what it means to “be kind.”  Jayden’s teachers speak often of his respect for others and generosity of spirit towards his peers.  When Jayden grows up he wants to be a sports commentator or data analyst.  When asked to describe himself Jayden says that he always tries to do his best and is really good at chess.  An unknown fun fact about Jayden is that he can do a flip in the air from the ground.  Jayden has currently been chosen as a representative for 5th grade students for all of Orleans parish.  He is currently in the regional round of the Student of the Year process.

    –Ben Blevins is a 14 year old 8th grade student at Lusher Charter School.  He is the son of Meg and John Blevins and has an older sister, Anne and a dog, Maisy.  Ben is a very kind and loving person who enjoys spending time with his family (including his dog) as well as spending time with his many and varied hobbies.

    Along with excelling in academics (Ben has made no grade lower than an A in his entire school career), one of Ben’s favorite hobbies is to play and practice one of the several instruments he’s learned how to play in his “spare” time.  These instruments include the piano, guitar, drums, trumpet, mandolin, steel guitar and bass guitar.  And between excelling in school and playing one of numerous instruments, you can find Ben watching sports or participating in sports, as he is currently a member of one or more teams in soccer, basketball and lacrosse.

    Theater is another great love for Ben.  He is currently a TAT student here at Lusher and has participated in theater productions at LCS for the last six years. It’s no surprise that Ben thrives on stage, as his presence in general is one of confidence, spontaneity, enthusiasm and joy.

    It’s no surprise that Ben Blevins was named Lusher’s Student of the Year in Grade 5 and went on to become a state finalist that year.   And Here we are again.  I present to you Richard Benningfield “Ben” Blevins.  Lusher Charter School’s and Region 7’s finalist for the Louisiana 8th Grade  2022 Student of the Year Competition.