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    2017 December Dance Concert (Dec 8-9)

    Lusher’s annual December Dance Concert 2017 is almost here! Tickets are FREE, but you need to reserve them ahead of time by clicking here.

    The concert will feature performances by the 6th grade exploratory, 8th grade CA Prep, and CA Dance Levels 1-4. Includes choreography by the Middle/High School Dance Faculty: Nicola De Chaby Carter, Nicole Buckels, and Erin Healan.

    Full Details:

    December Dance Concert
    Friday, December 8th at 6 PM
    Saturday, December 9th at 2 PM
    Goldring Center, Lusher Elementary
    Featuring performances by

    6th Grade exploratory classes
    8th Grade CA Prep
    CA Dance Levels 1-4
    Choreography by Nicole Buckels, Nicola de Chaby Carter and Erin Healan