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    7th Grader Wins “Imagine a World Without Hate” Art Contest

    From this wonderful Times-Picayune article:

    Rosalinda Ayala is a seventh grader at Lusher Middle School with a gift for art. But she had no idea she would be honored for it in a surprise ceremony. Ayala, 12, won the Anti-Defamation League’s “Imagine a World Without Hate” art contest in the middle school category.


    The art and poetry contest is hosted annually by the league and any student attending a “No Place for Hate” schools in the South Central Region were invited to participate. No Place for Hate is designed to create inclusive school communities by promoting unity and respect and empowering schools to reduce bullying, name-calling and other expressions of bias.

    Ayala’s art piece struck a cord with the judges. She depicted a girl who had been bullied and was depressed and transformed negatively as a result.

    “I drew fingers of the people in color and the girl in black and white, because the abuse was drowning her,” Ayala, who is the daughter of Alejandro and Carrie Ayala, said.

    Please read the article above for more information. We’d like to congratulate Rosalinda and her teacher Beth Romaguera for creating such a powerful piece of art.