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    Student Privacy

    Two new laws, Act 677 and Act 837, have been passed that will require schools and education agencies to handle student information in a more secure way. You can access a list of district contracts using student data here and Louisiana Department of Education contracts using student data here.

    If you are a Willow parent with questions or concerns about Acts 677 or 837, please email

    Further Legislative Action (07/2015):

    Privacy Law Changes

    Read HB 718, which makes the following changes to your data privacy policies:
    •Changes date for requiring student ID numbers not based on social security numbers from May 2015 to August 2015.
    •Clarifies that parental consent forms do not need to be collected every year if a parent has already signed one unless that parent withdraws consent in writing
    •No longer requires governing authorities for schools to destroy data.
    •Allows schools to contract with public entities without all the student data protection requirements
    •Excludes certain initial contracts for goods, equipment, or instructional materials acquired pursuant to present procurement law from student data protection requirements.
    •Clarifies that it isn’t necessary for school employees to have it literally expressed in their present duties for them to access computers with student records as long as they follow the other rules regarding access.
    •No longer requires schools to post all their contracts that involve personal student data to their website and can instead make that information available at the main