The Willow School is in partnership with Tulane University.

  • Academics


    The Willow School’s innovative, rigorous curriculum is specifically designed to meet the needs of its diverse student population. Students engage in reading and writing across the curriculum. Technology is integrated as an educational tool for students and faculty. Arts are integrated to enhance academic learning as well as studied as a discipline. Faculty collaborate to create cross-curricular interactive projects through

    out the school day. Curriculum is developed at each level using the latest findings in child and adolescent development, brain-based research, and accepted best practices.numeracy instruction.

    Its strong programs in academics, arts, and athletics give students the opportunity to explore and develop their talents while preparing for a college education.

    A great advantage of being a K-12 program is the ability to map curriculum across grade levels in order to make transitions between grades seamless and ensure that students acquire the skills needed to continue growing academically and emotionally. Teachers at the lower, middle, and high schools have dedicated time to meet regularly to reflect on curriculum and instructional strategies.