The Willow School is in partnership with Tulane University.

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    High School

    Academic Overview 9-12

    The curriculum at Willow High School exceeds the requirements of the Louisiana Department of Education through several distinct features. Our A/B block schedule allows for 100 minute blocks on alternating days. Each student has 4 blocks daily. This gives students ample time to delve into specialized academic topics while developing sustained focus on areas of concentration.

    Willow High School’s curriculum extends beyond traditionally required courses.  Tulane college courses, specialized Certificate of Artistry courses, AP courses, and electives all combine to create a dynamic and personalized schedule for each student.

    Our strong partnership with Tulane University allows students to earn Early College Credit. Qualifying juniors and seniors may take classes on Tulane University’s campus free of charge.

    Click here to view our 2016-17 High School Course Selection Guide.

    Graduation Requirements

    • English – 4 credits
    • Math – 4 credits
    • Science – 4 credits
    • Social Studies – 4 credits
    • Foreign Language – 3 credits (Three years of the same language)
    • Health/PE – 2 credits
    • Arts – 2 credits
    • Electives – 8 credits

    Total – 31 credits

    High School Paths

    Research from the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) shows that elective studies have a much larger impact if they are moderately focused around an area of student interest. At Willow High School, all students must select an academic Area of Concentration (AC) or a Certificate of Artistry (CA) that serves as a focus for their elective studies. Each Area of Concentration consists of a minimum of 4 elective classes in their chosen path, leaving ample opportunity to explore other areas.

    Students are required to select one of the following:

    Area of Concentration

    • 4+ electives in a single subject area, out of 3 options:
    • Humanities/Communications
    • Math/Science/Technology
    • Arts

    Certificate of Artistry (CA)

    • Creative Writing
    • Dance
    • Theater
    • Music
    • Visual Arts
    • Media Arts
    • Musical Theater
    • Vocal Music