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    **A note from our 6th-12th grade librarian, Ms. Franklin:**

    If you need help with something that has been assigned for your kid(s), or if you need more resources, please feel free to message me—I’m happy to help however I can! I’m a certified librarian with an MLIS and am reasonably comfortable with Google Classroom and Drive. I have a bachelor’s in math and feel reasonably comfortable with any math up to Algebra. I am happy to help you find research sources and if there is something I’m not sure of, I would be happy to connect you with amazing folks who are!

    Willow’s middle and high school library is a place where students may gather information, investigate, collaborate, and create projects. The library collection contains over 13,000 titles in printed, eBook, and audiobook formats and the library subscribes to 16 databases. The library is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The library includes many online resources that students may use for research 24 hours a day in locations that have internet connections. If students need help, they may email Ms. Franklin at or visit the library during regular operating hours and ask Ms. Franklin or Ms. James.

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