The Willow School is in partnership with Tulane University.

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    High School

    Late Summer Enrollment for The Willow School

    The Willow School is accepting applications for grades 5, 8 and 9 only.  

    The deadline to submit an application is noon, Tuesday, August 16. All required supporting documents are due by NOON, Wednesday, August 17. There can be no exceptions made to the deadlines.

    Please go here if this is your first time to complete Willow’s supplemental form. 

    If you completed the supplemental in a previous round – not just the OneAPP click here to reactivate your child’s application.  

    The Willow School is an Orleans Parish Public School; a child must be a legal resident of Orleans Parish to attend.

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    The Willow School has a unique curriculum founded on a concept of arts integration which weaves the arts into all of our classes. The school has a rigorous academic program, with accompanying higher expectations. We believe it is important for families to understand these foundations of our program before making their choices for an education partner for their children.

    Willow High School Information

    Willow High School works purposefully to instill Willow’s Core Values of Kindness, Respect, Responsibility and Hard Work. Incorporating these Core Values, our students display exceptional leadership, responsible stewardship and active participation at Willow and in the surrounding communities.  The number one priority at Willow is kindness.

    Willow’s student body is highly motivated, academically adept, artistically talented and culturally diverse, representing the cultural, religious, socioeconomic, racial and artistic diversity upon which the school and the city of New Orleans are built. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a national organization dedicated to anti-bias education, selected Willow High School as the only school in the nation to be featured in their Education Handbook and Resource Guide. The spotlight on our school highlights the work we have done to deliver anti-bias training to both students and staff. We are proud of our work and honored to be selected as a national model.

    Willow provides developmentally appropriate holistic education for students in 8th grade to 12th grade.  This focus includes a rich student life program where students can explore activities and ideas of interest as they develop into the young adults they will become.  On the academic side, 8th and 9th graders receive support in developing and honing study skills and executive functioning skills, while mastering content.  Developing strong writing skills is also a key part of Willow’s academic program.  Eighth grade is regarded as a foundational year to shore up skills and close curriculum gaps before high school.

    Accelerated Courses:

    Willow’s 8th grade offers a rigorous, high academic program of instruction which allows qualifying students the opportunity to take early high school credit (Carnegie units) in courses including: English I, Algebra I, Geometry, French I, Spanish I and Certificate of Artistry prep classes.

    The Class of 2020 received in excess of $37 million in scholarship and merit aid awards, including: four Posse Scholars and multiple Louisiana Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) Awards.  This class was accepted into 140 different colleges and universities in 31 states and two countries.

    Distinctive Programs:

    In addition to rigorous academic offerings in Honors and Advanced Placement curricula, Willow students must earn either a Certificate of Artistry, a prescribed, four-year program of advanced study in a focused artistic discipline, or an Area of Concentration, with a minimum of four elective courses in a concentrated area of study.

    The Certificate of Artistry (CA) is offered in 6 major disciplines: Creative Writing, Dance, Music (Vocal, Jazz, Symphonic, or Orchestral), Theatre (Musical Theatre, Theatre, Theatrical Production/Stagecraft), Visual Art and Media Art. CA is an intensive, four-year conservatory-style program of study during which students acquire concentrated, in-depth knowledge and experience in an arts discipline. Curriculum content and course studies are determined for each student based on a placement audition and/or portfolio assessment. Year-end evaluations of a student’s work, discipline, skill and creativity, along with faculty recommendations, determine promotion to the next level of CA study. Assessment criteria are based on the National Standards for Arts Education. The Willow community recognizes the intrinsic value of pervasive education in the arts, especially as it extends to various aspects of human experience.

    All 8th grade arts courses are preparatory instruction for our Certificate of Artistry (CA) programs in high school. Midway through the year, CA Prep students audition for the high school CA course or courses for which they have been preparing, to help them make the best decisions about their high school education.

    Students may select an Area of Concentration (AC), which includes a minimum of four elective offerings in a specific area of study. Choices include: Humanities/Communications, Mathematics/Science, Project Lead The Way (Engineering or BioMedical), or the Arts.

    In addition to its robust academic and arts programs, Willow offers a four-year Engineering Program developed in collaboration with Project Lead The Way ( The PLTW curriculum provides an interactive integration of math, science, engineering and technology. The course titles of the four-year PLTW offerings are: Introduction to; Principles of; AP Computer Science or Environmental Sustainability; and Engineering Design & Development (EDD). As a capstone project, students in EDD identify a real-world issue, then research, design and test plausible solutions. Ultimately, students present their final projects to a panel of professional engineers for critique and evaluation.

    As an enhancement to its science offerings, Willow offers a four-year BioMedical Science Program, also in collaboration with PLTW. Through scaffolded activities that connect learning to life, students step into the roles of biomedical professionals, investigating real-world topics, including: human medicine, physiology, genetics, microbiology and public health. BioMedical Principles is the first offering, followed by Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions and Medical Innovations in the four-year BioMedical Engineering strand, representing the BioMedical capstone.

    Concurrent Enrollment: Willow-Tulane Academic Partnership:

    In cooperation with nearby Tulane University, seniors and second semester juniors with qualifying GPAs, test scores and administrative approval may enroll in actual college courses, free of charge, and earn full college credit, recorded on a Tulane transcript. Students do not receive high school credit for their Tulane coursework. In the Class of 2021, close to one-third of the class enrolled in this advanced educational opportunity. For seniors, Tulane courses are scheduled during their regular Willow academic schedule. Qualified juniors are able to enroll second semester in Tulane course work during the afternoon and evenings, outside of Willow’s academic schedule. Summer courses are also available for qualified students.

    The Willow Scholars Program recognizes students who have maximized the academic rigors and opportunities available at Willow. Beginning in eighth grade, they complete high school-level courses, establishing the foundation for more rigorous high school work. Students build upon this foundational work by completing clusters of Advanced Placement courses in multiple disciplines while maintaining exceptional cumulative GPAs. Students are nominated to formally apply for acceptance into the Willow Scholars Program in the Fall of senior year. If selected, this group of young men and women are recognized as Willow Scholars, receiving the school’s highest honor, a Diploma with Distinction.

    The da Vinci Program utilizes Willow’s existing framework while challenging students to merge learning across content areas in an interdisciplinary fashion. Walter Isaacson’s recent biography, Leonardo da Vinci, describes “the ability to make connections across disciplines-arts and sciences, humanities and technology-is a key to innovation, imagination, and genius,” and “an enduring recipe for creativity.” Serving to formalize interdisciplinary learning through the arts and acknowledge students who challenge themselves to think critically and creatively across multiple content areas, candidates will be required to complete a 4-year arts sequence, 2 years of rigorous coursework in math/science or PLTW, one year of rigorous coursework in the humanities, and design and complete an interdisciplinary culminating project.

    Select seniors are approved as teaching interns, working directly with specific classroom faculty members. This apprenticeship, proposed from on-going conversations among academic Department Chairs, evolved from the goal of seeking opportunities for students to demonstrate their proficiency in and love of academic disciplines, while working with underclassmen.