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    Elementary School

    Late Summer Enrollment for The Willow School

    The Willow School is accepting applications for grades 5, 8 and 9 only.  

    The deadline to submit an application is noon, Tuesday, August 16. All required supporting documents are due by NOON, Wednesday, August 17. There can be no exceptions made to the deadlines.

    Please go here if this is your first time to complete Willow’s supplemental form. 

    If you completed the supplemental in a previous round – not just the OneAPP click here to reactivate your child’s application.  

    The Willow School is an Orleans Parish Public School; a child must be a legal resident of Orleans Parish to attend.

    Elementary School

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    The Willow School has a unique curriculum founded on a concept of arts integration which weaves the arts into all of our classes. The school has a rigorous academic program, with accompanying higher expectations. We believe it is important for families to understand these foundations of our program before making their choices for an education partner for their children.

    Elementary School Information

    WILLOW’s Culture of Kindness Starts in Kindergarten

    At Willow, we believe that success starts with a culture of kindness and a deliberate effort to emphasize social/emotional learning. In order for students to face the complexity of the world, they must embrace empathy, leadership, creativity and teamwork. Whole-child education is a psychological approach that has long been at the root of Willow’s success. The core values that consistently weave through our community at Willow are: Kindness, Responsibility, Respect and Hard Work, and we envision a world where these are valued by all.

    Social/Emotional Learning and the Path to Leadership

    The foundation for Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) begins with K-4 student participation in weekly Caring Counts meetings, where homerooms meet to discuss issues related to our core values, participate in empathy-building exercises and learn more about brain research as it relates to emotional regulation. Older students at the Willow Street campus not only model behavior but work with adults to develop and steer program activities for younger students. Leadership opportunities are for fourth grade student leaders, who exemplify the school’s core values, and participate on the Care to Change Team. This team is empowered to collaborate with the adult Caring Counts Leadership Team, which steers the SEL vision for the Elementary School. Some examples of this leadership include facilitating the integration of “calm-down” baskets and “safe places” in each classroom, and introducing RULER and the MindUp curriculum into the program, offering students opportunities to identify, understand and self-regulate their emotions.

    Project Pride

    Willow’s school culture is based on the four tenets of Project Pride: Be Kind; Be Responsible; Respect People and Property; and Do Your Best Work. Project Pride permeates the school, and the focus on these core values helps create a positive learning environment, a strong community and valuable home-school connections. Willow has been designated a No Place for Hate School by the Anti-Defamation League.


    Project-Based Learning is a teaching method by which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem or challenge. At Willow, our teachers look at the standards required in each grade level and work with each other to find a real-world connection. The students work collaboratively and creatively to answer the questions raised. Teachers are also trained in Design Thinking, another creative, problem-solving method.

    Arts Integration

    Arts Integration is instruction which combines the arts with one or more content areas. Instruction is based on shared concepts and results in deeper understanding. Students study dance, music, theater and visual art, and there are specialized after-school opportunities for all grades. At Willow, artists and grade-level teachers work together to find related ideas within both subjects. Together, they plan and deliver instruction connecting the common content. Ultimately, students create a product: a play, a dance, a musical score, works of visual art or creative writing. These efforts culminate in Willow’s Arts Happening community celebration in May, where students share their artistic pieces.