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    The arts play a central role in the life of The Willow School. With a full staff of practicing, professional artists, The Willow School has the well-deserved reputation of being one of the top arts institutions in the city. In the broadest sense, Willow’s Comprehensive Arts Education program of study engages students in the arts on multiple levels of experiences. Students engage in the arts on a creative level, with integrated arts education, exploratory, advocacy, experiences and the fine arts.

    Through integrated arts education, the arts are infused into Willow’s core curriculum as a mode of learning and deepening understanding. For example, students may experience dance and science to explore the relationship of planetary bodies in space or study modern art in order to better understand and appreciate modern poetry. Integrating the arts into the academic classrooms allows for a level of conceptual engagement and critical thinking not often found in schools where the arts play a sideline role.

    In the Arts, students begin their study in creative exploration, progress to exploratory experiences and conceptually based arts integration in the elementary and middle school curriculums and continue work in six arts disciplines through specialized Certificate of Artistry programs in high school. By high school, students work through a curriculum of history, theory, criticism, production and practice in their chosen arts discipline—creative writing, dance, drama, music, media arts and visual arts—during school hours and in evening classes. Willow performance groups have been on stage throughout New Orleans and from Baton Rouge to The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. and have also exhibited student works from Chicago to New York.

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