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    Buy Tickets for “Harvey,” Lusher’s Spring Play

    Follow this link to purchase tickets for Lusher Theatre’s annual Spring Play, “Harvey.” There will be three 7PM performances held next Thursday through Saturday (Feb. 25-27) at Lusher’s Goldring Performing Arts Center (located on the Elementary campus at 7315 Willow Street). Tickets are $11.54 each.

    The official description from the play’s Eventbrite page:

    Elwood P. Dowd is charming, lovable and kind with just one catch: his best friend is a 6-foot-tall invisible rabbit named Harvey. When Elwood’s sister Veta hosts a social gathering to launch her daughter into society, Elwood’s idiosyncrasies threaten to upset the family’s reputation. Veta tries to have him committed to the sanatorium, but a whirlwind of confusion and chaos ensues as the town tries to catch a man and his invisible rabbit. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Harvey is a delightful comedy for the whole family.