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    Faculty and staff

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    Photo of Katie Brown
    Katie Brown Social Worker
    Photo of Rachel Brown
    Rachel Brown 7th Grade Math Teacher
    Photo of Virgil Byers
    Virgil Byers Dean of Students


    Photo of Carrie Carney
    Carrie Carney 4th Grade Teacher
    Photo of Ian Cary
    Ian Cary PE/Health Teacher, 5th-6th Grade Boys Soccer Coach
    Photo of Jeffrey Chenier
    Jeffrey Chenier Director of Special Education
    Photo of Desiree Chevalier
    Desiree Chevalier 1st Grade Teacher
    Photo of Gerline Christophe
    Gerline Christophe Teacher, HS Math
    No Photo Available
    La’Quinta Clay Part-time custodian
    Photo of Linda Clogher
    Linda Clogher Elementary School Assistant Principal
    Photo of Alex Cluen
    Alex Cluen Science
    Photo of Becky Collins
    Becky Collins Student Support Specialist
    Photo of Maddi Corene
    Maddi Corene HS Math Teacher
    Photo of Jenny Cromer
    Jenny Cromer Admissions & Parent Liaison
    Photo of Erica Cross
    Erica Cross 8th Grade ELA
    No Photo Available
    Tanya Culbertson Part-time custodian


    Photo of Brittney Dayeh
    Brittney Dayeh 3rd Grade Teacher
    Photo of Trish Delnero
    Trish Delnero Instructional Assistant
    Photo of Rebecca Deveer
    Rebecca Deveer Reading Interventionist
    Photo of Braulio Diaz
    Braulio Diaz HS Spanish Teacher
    No Photo Available
    Shawna Doremus K-5 PE Teacher
    Photo of Justin Dumestre
    Justin Dumestre PE/Health Teacher
    Photo of Emalie Dunn
    Emalie Dunn 6th Grade Math Teacher
    No Photo Available
    Gina Dupart Administrative Assistant


    Photo of Margaret Ellinghausen
    Margaret Ellinghausen Willow Business Office