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    Lusher Earns High Marks in Annual School Report Card

    A special announcement from Ms. Riedlinger:


    Lusher Earns ‘A’ Letter Grade for Student Performance & Student Growth
    Lusher Earns Top Gains Honoree for Student Growth
    Lusher Earns 2018 Equity Honoree for Subgroup Performance

    Lusher recently received its annual report card from the Louisiana Department of Education, which showed marked high performance in the 2017-2018 school year. We maintained an “A” letter grade for overall school performance, even as the state raised the bar for what it takes to earn that grade, and it achieved an “A” letter grade for helping students grow year-over-year. Louisiana’s plan is to increase the rigor over time, and this year’s formula has changed as part of this goal. This shift includes ensuring that “A” rated schools reflect mastery of fundamental skills. There is also a shift that measures how well students are progressing.

    Under the new formula, our School Performance Score (SPS) is 122.2. The state provided an old formula score to allow comparisons to the 2017 score. When you apply the old formula, our 2018 SPS would be 136.6; the 2017 SPS was 136.8.

    The school earned distinctions as a Top Gains Honoree for academic gains for its students and as an Equity Honoree. We are very proud of both because they highlight Lusher’s commitment to ensuring that all students reach their potential, regardless of factors such as socioeconomic status or race.

    We believe that our mission’s focus on comprehensive arts education, high expectations and the whole child is key to this success. Our teachers design and deliver instruction that starts with state standards, and our students strive to do their best daily. The commitment of our faculty, students and parents to “live” our core values of kindness, respect, responsibility and hard work support an environment of success, one that is collaborative and inclusive.

    Public schools in Louisiana receive report cards with school performance scores and corresponding A-F letter grades. The report cards, which can be viewed on the state’s interactive online tool at communicate how well schools are preparing students for the next grade level. School Performance Scores (SPS) are part of Louisiana’s K-12 Accountability System, which is designed to inform educators by presenting clear expectations for student outcomes and provide objective information to parents and the community. You may want to watch this video for information on the calculation of SPS –

    We also suggest that you read this information sheet for more information on the calculation of our school’s scores-

    We encourage you to become familiar with our school’s performance and look for an invitation after the Thanksgiving holidays for an opportunity to answer questions that you may have about this area.

    As we celebrate Lusher’s performance report and our recent Blue Ribbon awards from the United States Department of Education, we want to extend enormous gratitude for our teachers, students, families and community partners who make Lusher what it is. Many thanks to the Lusher family!