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    Lusher Music Receives Grant from Jazz & Heritage Foundation

    This year, the strings and vocal music program at Lusher received a grant from the Jazz and Heritage Foundation for the purchase and implementation of a digital recording lab in the strings classroom.  This iPad-based lab was put together in order to give students the opportunity to learn and experience the world of digital music production. From sampling and beat making to recording and arranging, our students now have the tools at their fingertips to capture their creativity and move beyond their individual instruments to fully realize their artistic ideas.  Time with the lab is divided between exploration of digital music production software and recording assignments designed to allow students the opportunity to capture original ideas as well as create a record of their musical progress.  Future uses will include the use of the tools we now have to record performances as well as individual pieces performed by entire classes in all grades.  We are very excited to be able to offer students the ability to learn how the music they love is created, produced, and recorded.