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    New Orleans Magazine Profiles Lusher Grad

    Amaris Lewis is still making headlines as she starts her first year at Stanford. After winning 1st prize and the Grand Award at New Orleans’ Science Fair during her Junior year, and being offered millions of dollars in scholarships during her Senior year, the 2019 Lusher Graduate is featured in the latest issue of New Orleans Magazine. In an article titled “Chased by Scholarships,” Amaris discusses everything from her reasons for choosing Stanford over Harvard and MIT, to Harry Potter and why she hasn’t learned to drive yet.

    The entire article is worth a read, but this section truly gets to the heart of how complete (and amazing) a person Amaris is:

    A graduate of Lusher Charter School with a 4.40 grade point average and an award-winning history of researching stem cells, she received $2.7 million in scholarship offers, including The Gates Scholarship, which provides the full-cost of attending any university for “exceptional” minority high school seniors.

    All twelve of the universities she applied to wanted her, including the most prestigious such as Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. Not surprisingly, in a media release, Lusher CEO Kathy Riedlinger described Lewis as “brilliant.”  She is also described as “kind,” a fitting trait for someone whose first name means “promised by God” in Hebrew.

    With such a field of heavy-weight institutions vying for her attention, someone might expect Lewis to lean to the geeky side, something like a female version of Sheldon in “The Big Bang Theory” TV series. That stereotype gets dismissed fast. Casual conversation with Lewis reveals a well-rounded student. The math and science side rests easy with competitive swimming, ballet dancing and playing the violin with the school orchestra.

    (Photo by New Orleans Magazine)