Arts Integration

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Arts integration

Arts integration is interdisciplinary teaching practice through which non-arts and arts are taught and assessed equitably to deepen students’ understanding of both.

Because the individual students and academic content vary widely from campus to campus, the approach to Arts Integration varies among school sites.  At the Lower School, artists and classroom teachers work together to co-teach lessons and units of study where each adult is the expert in their discipline. They work together to find common threads which are woven together to encourage deeper understanding in both the arts and academics.  

As our students age and take more ownership of their learning, the artists and teachers take a step back and guide our Middle School students into developing relationships between the academic and artistic content. 

Finally, in High School, students begin to take ownership.  Through our Certificate of Artistry and DaVinci programs, High School students use their artistic and academic understandings to show the natural interdependency of the arts in their education.