The Willow School Administration

Nicolette London, Interim CEO

Charmaine Davis, Chief Financial Officer

Ulyses Collins, Executive Director of Campus Safety and Culture

Charlene Hebert, Transition Lead

Frank Israel, Director of Operations

Lower School Administration (K-4)

Jan Rice, Principal

Linda Clogher, Assistant Principal

Janine Murry, Assistant Principal

Middle School Administration (5-7)

Kendra Henry, Principal

Elizabeth Sepanik, Assistant Principal

Claire Ory, Dean

High School Administration (8-12)

Robert Hill, Principal

Leslie Straight, Vice Principal

Lori Fasone, Assistant Principal

Michael Hoarty, Assistant Principal

Ronda Moore, Curriculum & Instruction Specialist

Virgil Byers, Dean

Jewel Smith, Dean

K-12 Directors

Megan Neelis, Arts Director

Louis Landrum, Athletic Director

Dr. Jeffrey Chenier, Director of Support Services