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    Student Voice Signup

    A letter from the Deans:

    Dear students,

    We are getting closer to the end of a challenging school year; one in which we have had to change, grow, and in ways redefine ourselves. I am sure many of you would enjoy reaching out to others and being heard here at Lusher.
    JJ Smith and I would like to introduce a way for each of you to share your voice and ideas beyond your friends and classmates. We have attached a form from the Dean’s office named Student Voice, which is being placed in the student portal section of Lusher’s website. 
    By completing this form, you will be signing up to present your thoughts and ideas which may serve to help and encourage others within the school community. Awareness of how we can all work to make a difference is powerful, can spark solutions, and foster a wave throughout society. As you look over the form and schedule, please notice that there are assigned speaking dates and times to share in the quad during lunch. Please submit what you plan to share on the Monday before you would like to present on the following Thursday or Friday of that week. Virtual students may complete the Student Voice form as well and choose a student to present on their behalf during the presentations.
    Please email JJ or me if you have any questions regarding this process.
    Take care,  
    Virgil Byers and Jewel Smith
    Deans of Students