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    Buy Tickets for this Weekend’s Middle School Play

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    Lusher’s Middle School play, “A Girl Called Opal,” will be performed on January 6th and 7th, at 6PM in the Lions Gate Theatre.

    Brief Description:

    Lusher Middle School Drama Troupe is proud to present “A Girl Called Opal” By Robert Lindsey-Nassif. In the show, a six-year-old named Francoise survives a shipwreck, but her parents drown. She is adopted by a lone woman in an Oregonian town to be a farm hand. Yet the little girl, renamed Opal, is given to flights of fancy.  Opal longs to be with her deceased parents again, and they come to her in spirit and tell her the only way to be near to them again is to make earth glad. So, Opal sets off to do just that to the people in her town.

    The source material for this play is the turn of the century diary of an extraordinary six-year-old girl named Opal Whiteley. Orphaned and lonely, she took solace in nature, writing about her vivid inner life with exceptional beauty, sensitivity, and soul. When the diary was discovered in 1920, it became an overnight sensation Now, almost a century after it was first written, this lyrical, lovely, and deeply touching journal has become a beloved play.

    Running Time: 1 Hour