Eligibility Assessment

All applicants must complete their eligibility assessment in person at The Willow School. An eligibility assessment date will be scheduled when the completed NCAP (OneApp) and the Willow Supplemental Form (SAF) are received and verified by The Willow School’s Admissions Office. Applicants can earn a maximum of 20 points from the eligibility assessment (10 possible points in math and 10 possible points in reading).

Kindergarten Assessment Schedule

Kindergarten applicants will be assessed individually on weekdays, Monday through Friday, with morning and afternoon appointments available. The duration of the assessment is approximately 10-20 minutes. See the assessment calendar here.

First through 12th Grade Assessment Schedule

Applicants in grades 1st-12th will be assessed in groups on Saturdays. The duration of the assessment for applicants in 1st - 4th grades is approximately 1 hour; for 5th - 9th it is 3 to 3.5 hours; for grades 10th - 12th, it is approximately 2.5 hours. Non-Saturday, religious accommodation assessment dates are available where applicable. See the assessment calendar here.

GPA Minimum Requirement

Please note, for 3rd through 12th-grade applicants, any student who has not earned at least 5 points from the GPA matrix points (2.0 GPA) will not be scheduled for eligibility assessment as it would be impossible to attain the minimum of 28 points needed to qualify. Students can earn a maximum of 20 points from the assessment. 

Make-Up Assessments

If for any reason, the applicant is unable to be assessed on his/her scheduled date, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the Admissions Office by the next available school day, following the missed assessment date.

Lower School Admissions (grades K-4) - 504-324-7318

Middle and High School Admissions (grades 5-12) - 504-304-3961

Assessment Accommodations

If a student has a 504 Plan, Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP), or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) which provides for assessment accommodations for standardized testing and wishes to request accommodations for the eligibility assessment, The Willow School must receive a copy of the current plan by the deadline for the specific testing date scheduled. This is necessary in order to have the accommodations in place for the assessment.  


The results of the admissions process are final. Appeals for assessment results, admissions decisions, or deadlines are not accepted. After the initial application round is complete, we invite applicants to request a reactivation of their application for the subsequent application round for any grade level that has available seats.

Kindergarten Sibling Rule

Qualified kindergarten applicants with siblings that are enrolled in The Willow School during the current school year, and attend/attended The Willow School at the Lower School Campus, will receive priority placement. 

Tulane Affiliates

A percentage of the available openings per grade is set aside for qualified children of Tulane University-affiliated parents.

Economically Disadvantaged Second Opportunity Drawing

A percentage of the available spots per grade is set aside for a second chance drawing for economically disadvantaged applicants who have qualified on The Willow School's admission matrix. This second chance opportunity lottery will be dependent on the number of spots available in each grade.  The Willow School reserves the right to request additional information or documentation if deemed necessary.


The Willow School is an Orleans Parish public school.  If the applicant is offered a placement for enrollment, they must be a legal resident of Orleans Parish to register at The Willow School.  Students must maintain Orleans Parish residency throughout their tenure at The Willow School.