Our school, along with four other public schools in Orleans Parish, has academic admissions criteria that require a supplemental application and an admissions assessment. This process is essential to evaluate the readiness of applicants for our rigorous program and is reflected in a matrix score.

Eligibility Assessment

All applicants must complete their eligibility assessment in person at The Willow School. All students are assessed in math and reading. Applicants can earn a maximum of 20 points from the eligibility assessment (10 possible points in math and 10 possible points in reading). See the matrix page for more information about how scores and eligibility are calculated.

Assessments for Kindergarten

Kindergarten applicants take a different assessment than the applicants to grades 1-12. Kindergarten applicants are assessed individually at the Lower School campus (7315 Willow Street).

The assessment takes about 20 minutes and includes a math problem solving section and a listening comprehension section. The math section covers basic concepts and everyday applications. The listening comprehension section covers listening comprehension at the level of the word, sentence, and passage. Students receive a component score for receptive vocabulary (selecting a picture that matches a word) and oral discourse comprehension (responding aloud to questions after listening to a passage). The kindergarten assessment is taken on an iPad, but applicants do not need to have any technology skills - students can respond by speaking or by pointing.

Assessments for Grades 1-12

Applicants to grades 1-12 will be assessed in a group setting at either the Lower School campus (7315 Willow Street) or the Middle School campus (5625 Loyola Avenue).

The assessment includes sections on reading and math. The number of sections and time for breaks varies between grade levels. Applicants to first grade take the assessment on paper. Applicants to grades 2-12 take the assessment on the computer. The assessment duration is approximately:

  • Grade 1: 2 hours

    • One section on Vocabulary (20 minutes)

    • One section on Word Analysis (20 minutes)

    • One section on Math (25 minutes)

  • Grades 2-3: 3 hours

    • Two sections on Reading (20 minutes & 25 minutes)

    • One section on Vocabulary (15 minutes)

    • Two sections on Math (25 minutes each)

  • Grades 4-9: 3.5 hours

    • Two sections on Reading (30 minutes each)

    • One section on Vocabulary (15 minutes)

    • Two sections on Math (30 minutes each)

  • Grades 10-12: 2.5 hours

    • One section on Reading (40 minutes)

    • One section on Vocabulary (15 minutes)

    • Two sections on Math (30 minutes)

The reading and vocabulary sections cover grade-level content for informational reading and literary reading in the domains of vocabulary, explicit meaning, implicit meaning, key ideas, and author's craft. The math sections cover grade level content in the domains of number sense & operations, algebraic patterns/connections, data analysis, geometry, and measurement. The assessment evaluates essential competencies, conceptual understanding, and extended reasoning.

Make-Up Assessments

If for any reason, the applicant is unable to be assessed on his/her scheduled date, only one makeup date will be offered, and only if there are remaining scheduled test dates available. Missed assessments can NOT be made up if the second assessment date is missed.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the Admissions Office about the need for a makeup assessment on the next school day following the missed assessment date. Failure to notify the school will result in forfeiture of the assessment make-up opportunity.

Assessment Accommodations

Students receive accommodations during school testing for a variety of reasons, primarily to ensure that they have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities. These accommodations are typically provided to students with documented disabilities or special needs, as mandated by laws like the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

The Willow School provides accommodations to students who submit the appropriate documentation by the posted deadline. If a student wishes to request accommodations for the eligibility assessment, The Willow School must receive a copy of the current Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Individualized Accommodations Plan (IAP) for 504 accommodations or an evaluation before the registration deadline of their scheduled assessment date, as outlined in the assessment calendar. Families must meet this deadline so the Willow School team can get the accommodations in place for the assessment.


The results of the admissions process are final. Appeals for assessment results, admissions decisions, or deadlines are not accepted. Applicants who are not admitted during Main Round can apply again in a later admissions round for the upcoming school year if seats are available at their grade level.

Suspected testing irregularities should be reported immediately. If you believe that your child has experienced a testing irregularity that would impact their score, it must be reported to The Willow School admissions office by emailing the admissions team (LowerAdmissions@willowschoolnola.org for grades K-4 or UpperAdmissions@willowschoolnola.org for grades 5-12) within two school days of the administration of the assessment. 


The Willow School is an Orleans Parish public school.  If the applicant is offered a placement for enrollment, they must be a legal resident of Orleans Parish to register at The Willow School.  Students must maintain Orleans Parish residency throughout their tenure at The Willow School.