High School Arts

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In 8th grade, students have the opportunity to pursue a concentrated study of an arts discipline through the foundation courses. These courses are geared toward students who plan to pursue a Certificate of Artistry and/or Area of Concentration in the arts or humanities at The Willow School High School.

The culmination of our K-12 Arts Curriculum happens in the high school.  Through the Certificate of Artistry program, students who have developed a talent and/or affinity for one art form have the unique opportunity to hone their skills in specialized, sequential classes.  Additionally, our students in 9-12 have the opportunity to participate in a plethora of electives in each of our 11 artistic disciplines through the vast elective options.  

 In preparation for the High School arts curriculum, we have developed a curriculum in each of our 11 artistic disciplines designed to build a foundation for our Certificate of Artistry and/or elective program.  Our 8th-grade students make the transition to high school by enrolling in 2 of these Foundations classes.  We also recognize that there are many students who do not need to lay a foundation and are ready to enter the CA program.  These students are invited to audition in order to begin their experience a year early.

 Throughout the academic year, each of our 11 Certificate of Artistry programs work toward performances, exhibits and publications that happen at various times throughout the year.