Congratulations to the following high school singers who performed at State Rally on March 4. All our students earned the top rating: Superior! The judge was particularly impressed with our students' high level of musicianship and ability to "tell the story" of each song.

Eli Bradford (senior) - tenor solo - Amarilli, mia bella

Brady D'Agostino (junior) - bass solo - Plaisir d'amour

Teresa Fasone (senior) - soprano solo - Nuit d'Étoiles

Audrey Gotham (junior) - soprano solo - Bel piacere

Jalyn Gottschalk (senior) - tenor solo - Sento nel core

Kelly Laines (sophomore) - alto solo - Star vicino

Addielade McMahon (junior) - alto solo - If Music Be the Food of Love 

Henry Perrine (sophomore) - bass solo - Vittoria, mio core

Lola Ostroska, Yva Totchum, and Addielade McMahon - SSA trio - When I Close My Eyes

Ellis Gottschalk, Judah Dumas-Mwendo, & Jalyn Gottschalk - SSA trio - All the Pretty Little Horses 

Larissa Huilgol, Marbella Maristany, Jalyn Gottschalk, & Henry Perrine - SATB quartet - Keep Your Lamps