Congratulations to the Willow School singers who participated in the LMEA District Honor Choir this weekend. They performed a concert at Divine Mercy Church in Kenner. They were led by conductors Ken Berg from the Birmingham Boys Choir and Terry Walker from Long Beach High School in Mississippi. High School: Youth Honor Choir B. Livers - 8th Senior High Honor Choir A. Gotham - 11th K. Laines - 10th L. Ostroska - 9th H. Perrine - 10th K. Ramirez - 11th 

Middle School: Youth Honor Choir C. Avery - 6th G. Celestine - 6th A. Hauesler - 7th L. Haysley - 6th A. Leashore - 7th R. Pollack - 5th O. Prempeh - 6th E. Quintana - 5th T. Sparks - 6th Senior High Honor Choir: J. Andrews. - 7th J. Hiatt -7th