About High School

The Willow School’s renowned arts-integrated academic program engages its students and challenges them to think critically, analytically and creatively. We are proud to be a two-time National Blue Ribbon School, with a unique program that inspires imagination and intellectual curiosity. The Willow School provides an environment which fosters the social-emotional development of young adults and values the unique combination of talents and interests of every student.

The Willow School’s unique academic curriculum provides students with the opportunity to choose an area of concentration and pursue personal interests in the context of a well-rounded, challenging course load. Research shows students perform better in college if their electives in high school are concentrated and focused.

Students select one of two avenues of concentrated electives.

  • Areas of Concentration (AC): Engineering/Biomedical, Math/ Science, Humanities/Communications or Arts.

  • Certificate of Artistry (CA): Creative Writing, Dance, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Music (Vocal, Jazz, Strings, Symphonic Band), Media Arts, Visual Arts or Stagecraft.

Today’s post-secondary institutions and employers are searching for creative, innovative and multidimensional students who can bring creative problem-solving solutions to our most pressing challenges. The Willow School’s da Vinci Diploma Distinction prepares students to do just that. The program culminates in a retreat designed to give each student an opportunity to reflect on his or her own da Vinci path and make connections across disciplines.

The 2022 cohort consisted of 59 Seniors representing all of the STEAM pathways available at The Willow School including PLTW, Certificate of Artistry and Areas of Concentration in Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The Willow School Strategic Plan

The Willow School’s success is due to the school’s commitment to dreamevolve and improve. In 2019, members of The Willow School community worked in partnership with Bloom Planning to create a strategic plan that includes three-year initiatives driven by a ten-year vision. The roadmap to the school’s future plans is defined through the Willow School Pathways to Success below.