Application Process

All New Orleans public schools participate in the NOLA-PS Common Application Process (NCAP). The Willow School is one of the Orleans Parish public schools with an academic admissions requirement. All applicants must complete the following steps: 


Log into the New Orleans Public School Enrollment Portal using this  NCAP application link or by going to

  • If it is your first time applying, create login credentials and follow the prompts to create your family profile. 

  • Rank The Willow School as your top choice. Rankings should reflect your school preferences. For example, your top preference should be ranked first.  

  • Submit your NCAP (OneApp) application.

  • Upon completion of the NCAP application, you will receive an email confirmation that your application has been submitted. Please retain the NCAP number for your child; you will need it for the next step.  

Complete Supplemental Admission Form (SAF)

Parent/Guardian Completes the Supplemental Admissions Form:

  • Upon completion of the NCAP application, you will receive a second email with the Willow Supplemental Admissions Form (SAF). The email will come from the NCAP system with the subject line “Action Required for Willow Application ”.  

  • Supporting Documents needed for the Willow SAF include:

    • Student birth certificate - all grade levels

    • Students applying for 2nd grade - Copy of 2022-23 mid-year report card (first semester, second quarter or first trimester) submitted in January

    • Students applying for 3rd to 12th grades - Copy of the FINAL 2021-22 report card 

    • Testing accommodations (if applicable), 504 Plan or IEP (if you do not have your child’s most current IEP, you can get this from the Special Education Coordinator at the current school).

Applicant Takes Assessment

The applicant takes the scheduled assessment:

The applicant will be scheduled for an Eligibility Assessment at The Willow School when the completed NCAP (OneApp) and the Willow Supplemental Form (SAF) are received and verified by The Willow School’s Admissions Office.

Bring your student to campus for the Assessment on the scheduled date. Results will be available within 10 business days. 

Guardian Participation

Guardian Participation (Grades K-1 ONLY):

  • The parent/guardian will view the curriculum meeting and submit a questionnaire.

  • The link to the curriculum meeting will be emailed directly to the parent/guardian of applicants who earn the minimum score on the assessment. 

Final Matrix Score Calculation

The Willow School will communicate the final matrix scores by February 17, 2023. Scores are distributed to families. 

  • Kindergarten and 1st-grade applicants must have a total of 25 of 30 possible matrix points

  • Second through 12-grade applicants must have a total of 28 of 33 possible matrix points

School Match

School Match:

  • The matching process is managed by NOLAPS

  • NOLAPS will communicate school matches (placement) to parents/guardians by March 31, 2023

Supporting documents not submitted with the online application may be emailed or dropped off at The Willow School  

Applicants in Grades K-4, please email documents to or drop them off at 7315 Willow Street, NOLA Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Applicants in Grades 5-12, please email documents to or drop them off at 5624 Freret Street, NOLA Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. or by appointment

Additional Notes:

  • Please remember to check for school holidays. 

  • Please submit copies of documents as they will not be returned. 

  • Please include the student’s name, the grade applying for and the NCAP number on all emails and documents. 

Computer assistance is available by appointment. Please contact the admissions office to schedule an appointment.